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Discover what Nature’s Select lovers have to say about us below.

The best dog and cat food ever!! Texas produced, local vendor offering free home delivery. What’s not to love? John Rainey and Nature’s Select is awesome� - signed, Penelope, Captain Blue and Kitty Baby

— Carlyn S.

Great products & great service!

— Carmen T.

My show dog loves this food and treats

— Nan S.

Thank you John Rainey for suggesting Planet dog chew bone. Elvis is our major chewer and this bone has fast become one of his favorite. He has had it for a few weeks and it's still good as new.All our guys, big and small, have one! As you can see, Elvis loves his and keeps it close to him. John has never steered us wrong whether its dog food, treats, or toys. He is always available to answer any questions we might have. We love Nature's Select and highly recommend their products. John Rainey gets five stars plus from our family

— Margaret Schexnayder

The company is wonderful ,the pet food and treats are excellent and all mad in the USA .. John and Leslie the owners are the sweetest and most caring people . They give so much help to our community. I give them 10 stars

— Robin W.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! My Micah is my life & my NS family know that. They make sure that Micah is eating a balanced diet and staying healthy through the good food they provide... By product free made local.... LOVE this

— Lacey L.

Have been on this product since John and Leslie started. I can not say enough about this quality of food, and customer service. First class! FAVORITE - Coldwater!

— Cristi T

Love that my dog is so much happier and healthy! She went through some tough times with hair loss and now you would never know! John is caring and compassionate and goes above and beyond to help! Highly recommend him and his food/products!!

— Danielle W.